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Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Recruitment

Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Outsourcing Your Recruitment

Recruitment isn’t as simple as posting a job spec and choosing a candidate from the CV’s that come flooding in (and to be honest, even that bit isn’t as simple as it sounds!).

While large established companies may be able to attract candidates based on the strength of their brand alone, SME’s have to make their employment offerings stand out and increase the speed of their routes to the candidate market at a much faster pace than ever before.

63% of CEOs cited the availability of skills as a ‘serious concern’, according to PWCs’ Global CEO survey conducted in 2014. This is the highest it’s been for six years, highlighting the challenges faced by companies who want to grow but can’t find, or retain, the best talent.

We all know that getting the right people into your business is the key to driving it forward.  Outsourcing all, or even just part, of your recruitment process puts the reins in the hands of experienced recruitment consultants, helping your company grow while saving you time and money.

Outsourcing Recruitment Benefits:
1 Save Money:

Advertising on job boards, background screening, applicant tracking systems, recruiting technology, shortlisting, interviewing and appointing a new starter can be a long and costly process. Recruitment companies are able to streamline this process, therefore significantly reducing recruitment costs.

Using a recruitment specialist to ensure you hire the right person for the company, as well as the position, means savings are also made in the longer term by reducing staff turnover.

2 Saving Time:

Recruiting takes a lot of resources, often pulling people away from their main focus within the company. Outsourcing recruitment saves these people time and stops them being pulled away from their main job. It also ensures a smooth process where nothing is missed, this is not always possible if the person responsible has to juggle recruiting with their other duties.

It’s easy for Human Resources (HR) staff with recruiting responsibilities to become overwhelmed, especially during times of rapid growth or employee turnover.  If they’re unable to focus on their core HR responsibilities such as employee wellbeing, compliance and payroll, it can have a negative impact on the business as a whole.

3 Grow Your Business:

Recruiting one employee can be tough enough, but in-house recruiting for several positions, to cover a seasonal spike or growth in the business, can be a huge challenge.

Outsourcing means you can get the volume of staff you need, for the length of time you need. Letting you focus on growing your business and keeping your customers happy.

How We Can Help With Your CAD Recruitment

Our dedicated CAD recruitment specialists have been using their industry expertise to source the perfect candidate since we were founded in 1990.

Looking for someone to work onsite?

We only recruit for CAD positions; it’s what we do on a daily basis so we fully understand the type of people you’re looking for!

Contracting Assignments

On-site contracting offers a simple, inexpensive option to help you deal with those bigger projects and meet deadlines. It’s also a perfect solution for holiday or illness short-term cover.

Permanent Assignments

We only recruit for the CAD industry so we can focus on finding the right match for your role. As well as ensuring they have the relevant skills and experience, we also match on ambitions and values.

Outsource Your Engineering and Design

We can also provide a range of CAD services from our Cambridge Engineering Design Centre, helping with your design, detailing and draughting requirements.

You Can Trust Us

As a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), we take pride in delivering an ethical service for our candidates and our clients.

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