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We’re mechanical engineers with a passion for design.

We’ll assist your design engineers, or become your own design team, getting product ideas and changes to market quickly.

From our Cambridge Engineering Design Centre, we provide product and industrial design services, including prototype development and manufacture.

We cover many industries and market sectors such as; food, water, gas, security, pharmaceutical, mechanical, aerospace, electrical, or agricultural engineering to name but a few.

Using state of the art 3D modelling software our Engineering Design Team will assist you at any stage, or all stages, of the design and development process.

We’ll give you conceptual ideas, prepare detailed 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) models and digitally prototype the design.

We then go beyond if you’d like us to, supplying physical prototype parts and assemblies, with a full production design pack, providing a complete paper to part service.

What do Design Consultants do

Design Consultants

The objective is to give you fit for purpose, innovative designs and help you turn ideas into reality.

Our CAD process focuses on delivering practical solutions, meeting ‘form, fit and function’ criteria, manufacturability and cost of production.

Whether tasked with product or industrial design, we combine aesthetically appealing, ergonomic form with cost-effective function.

Help is here at every stage; be it a conceptual design from scratch or drafting from mark-ups and CAD capture, right through to detailed manufacturing drawings and build.

Whether it’s a one-off, occasional ad-hoc project, or perhaps a long term design support need, A4 Plus will be your design partner.

With supporting services such as; reverse engineering, graphic design, drawing-plan plotting, scanning, 3D Printing or site surveys, we lend that helping hand when and where you need it.

CAD Design Cambridge

We’re with you from start to finish.

  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • Inventor
  • CREO
  • MicroStation
  • Flexible Charging; by the hour, job or drawing
  • Rapid response and fast turnaround
  • To quality standards
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