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A4 Plus

How many CAD Solutions can one business offer?

In short, we can find a solution to any requirement that you may have.

As experienced Computer Aided Design (CAD) experts, A4 Plus are the obvious choice if you need CAD support of any kind because we are, essentially, a ‘one stop shop’ for any CAD requirement.

We have two sides of the business here which makes us not only unique, but also very niche. We are a CAD Consultancy, and we are also Technical Recruiters. You’re probably thinking… ‘How do they even go together?’. Well, have you ever needed to fill a CAD placement? On top of it being a very time consuming process to go through, it is also difficult to find experienced Design Engineers, so why not let us do it? We are experts in the field, after all!

Let’s talk about our CAD Consultancy first.

Our in-house Design Engineers can support your company by being your design department on a temporary or long term basis, or by propping up your current team from the comfort of our fully equipped design office.

Our highly skilled Design Engineers are experienced in using an array of CAD Software and we can support your projects from detailing to concept design. We are a consultancy with over 30 years in business, which means our Design Engineers have experience in a vast number of industries, completing projects in Industrial design, Product Design, Reverse Engineering, Site Surveys, Digital Prototyping… the list goes on.

We also offer a 3D Printing service which provides a cost-effective way to prototype your products or parts. 3D Printing is a great way to visually see how a product or part will perform and look, making the ability to test products easier than ever before without breaking the bank.

Another benefit are our contracts. They are not subscription based, so you can use our services whenever you require them on an ad hoc basis with pricing structures to suit your needs.

Let’s move on to the Technical Recruitment side of the business.

As mentioned, finding Design Engineers who have the right software and industry experience can be a daunting task. So why not let us do the hard work as we not only know what to look for in Design Engineers (because we are Design Engineers!) but we also have a database full of excellent CAD candidates.

On top of recruiting permanent and contract Design Engineers, we also recruit for other technical placements, such as Project Managers, Electrical Engineers, Sales Engineers… the list is endless, take a look for yourself on our Jobs page. You will have a dedicated recruiter who will screen every candidate and make sure they fit your role requirements before you even know their name, giving you the confidence that you will only receive CVs of suitable candidates.

A4 Plus are partnered with some of the nation’s leading technology companies as their technical recruitment partner and we offer different Recruitment packages to suit our client’s needs.

We are confident we can help you resolve any of your CAD requirements.

For more information or to make an enquiry, click here!

P.S We are also ISO 9001 certified and accredited by the REC!