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A4 Plus

CAD skills Boost

You need an extra pair of CAD hands, right? But you’re finding that agencies are wasting your time…. sending over unsuitable candidates.

Or, worse still, not even qualifying those candidates before sending them over! Seems like you’re doing all the work yourself even if, by luck, they find a good candidate.


We don’t rely on luck. We’re a design agency that can find the right candidate. We know what you’re looking for – after all, we’ve got our own full-time CAD team.

Candidates are shortlisted and screened by A4 Plus.

Our engineering skills pool is vast and constantly updated.

It’s candidate quality that counts, not quantity. We get it.

We understand the industry, terminology, software and challenges faced.


We can’t guarantee you the perfect candidate straight away, no one can. But we can promise that we don’t rely on luck.

It’s more than just hard work though – it’s also about industry knowledge, experience, support and guidance.


Call our CAD Recruitment Team on 01354 691820 and find out more.