Turn your ideas into reality

A4 Plus have over 30 years’ experience in the design and testing of new products. We work in partnership with many different companies and provide a range of support. How you work with us is entirely up to you.  It can be anything from the initial idea stage through to building and testing a prototype.

The preliminary technical designs are created in our design studio. From the outset we understand your requirements and use the latest CAD software to visualise the product. At this stage it’s possible to rotate and explore every aspect of the design, you just can’t physically touch anything.

At the point where we are all comfortable that the design meets the requirements specified, a prototype is built. This will be used for testing the functional aspects of the product. The results will enable the designs to be refined before entering the manufacturing process.



Product development using technical design

To turn a really good idea into a product there’s quite a few steps to go through. A4 Plus are skilled at taking your requirements and designing a concept so we can develop it further. All this can happen before the need to build a prototype.

We produce a remarkable level of detail even at this stage. It will enable us to effectively build your product in the virtual world before incurring any production costs.

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