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A4 Plus

Introducing our Operations Manager, Georgia

Georgia is the glue that keeps our A4 Plus team together. We are a diverse bunch – with recruitment specialists on one side and CAD experts on the other! We needed someone to bring us all together and that someone is Georgia.

She originally joined us back in February on a temporary basis to help out with recruitment – little did anyone know she’d end up staying around as long as she has!

Having worked in a variety of different industries including HR for corporate giants, the NHS and a HR Consultancy, Georgia also worked at Stansted Airport where she worked in an operational role, being on the shop floor and interacting with customers in real time, dealing with issues in the moment and providing the amazing customer service she has become known for.

After spending a year at home with her toddler and having the pleasure of watching him grow, Georgia felt it was time to go back to work to keep her mind busy after restrictions were lifted. Little did she know that she would become a permanent fixture in the A4 Plus team as the Operations Manager! All her previous experience combined makes this role perfect to suit Georgia’s curiosity and skillset.

In her role as Operations Manager, Georgia deals with all incoming enquiries and ensures the business runs as smoothly as possible with a key focus on customer service. This ranges from marketing and sales to recruitment and department management (and much more!), making sure it all runs as seamlessly as possible. There is no typical day for Georgia as it varies a lot, which is why she enjoys the role so much.

Georgia says “I never expected to be here 6 months later, I was only meant to help out in recruitment for 2 weeks! I enjoy this role as I get to speak to a lot of people, be it suppliers, candidates, or clients. I help out wherever I am needed, but my main overall task is to create strategic business plans and set those into action for the future of A4 Plus as we expand.”


You can find Georgia in the office on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Georgia is our first point of contact for all business and Design related enquiries so please drop her a line to say hello!


Georgia’s contact details are:

Phone01354 691823