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A4 Plus

New Team Member Welcome

We’re expanding again – there’s a new addition to the team! Allow us to introduce him…..(or her) we’re not too sure on gender – please welcome F170, our new 3D printer, who arrived with us just before Christmas.

So, what does 3D printing allow us to do and why would we use it?

Great question – simple really, this new piece of kit allows us to convert your CAD files into high quality, solid plastic parts in no time at all – giving you a chance to see your designs as a physical part, to hold, examine and make sure it does the job you need it to do – especially important if you’re committing to expensive tooling for production. Not only that, but it also saves time and money on R&D, helping to get to the final design, pre-production, in the shortest time and most efficient manner.

OK, so tell us the technical stuff?

We’re able to print at 0.127mm, 0.178mm and 0.330mm resolution layers with a printing area of X=254mm, Y=254mm and Z=254mm but we can also split your parts, so don’t worry if the part you’d like to print is bigger.
In stock we have Ivory ABS-M30, Ivory ASA and Natural PLA but, of course, you can order different colours for your parts and we can usually get them in within a day or two.


If you’d like a quote, please send us your parts in .stp, .step or .iges format and we will be in touch with a price or you can follow the quotation page on our website.

If you’re not sure and need to chat through a project first then contact us