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Peterborough Biscuit Expo


On the 6th February 2019 Peterborough will be home to the largest business to business event in East Anglia.

The Peterborough Biscuit Expo will be hosted at the East of England Arena and Events Centre,  and we are proud to be attending and bringing along our business owner Steve.


Since 1990 Steve Wild has been supporting businesses across the region with his years of industry knowledge, helping them to achieve the highest standards. Being the fountain of knowledge he is, he has put together his 6 most interesting facts about the region to share with us all in the lead up to the event

Steve’ Wild Facts #6

Ernie Wise lived in Thorpe Avenue, Peterborough for 16 years, Warwick Davis lives in Peterborough and  Sir Henry Royce the first baronet of Seaton and a founding partner in Rolls Royce, was born at Alwalton Mill in 1863.


Steve’ Wild Facts #5

Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery, has a collection of some 227,000 objects, including the remains of Britain’s oldest known murder victim.


Steve’ Wild Facts #4

Flag fen Archaeology site exhibits what is believed to be the oldest wheel in Britain.


Steve’ Wild Facts #3

Catherine of Aragon is buried in what is now Peterborough Cathedral.  Her last year of life – fasting and confining herself to one room – had been spent in Kimbolton Castle in the same county.


Steve’ Wild Facts #2

Holme Fen which is 6 miles south of Peterborough, is the lowest point in Britian at 9 feet below sea level.



Steve’ Wild Facts #1

James Bond films Octopussy and Goldeneye were filmed on the Nene Valley Railway.


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