A cost-effective way to produce your prototype

CAD software is used to produce an accurate visual design of your product. Traditional manufacturing is a lengthy and expensive process. Which is why we have invested in 3D print, the latest technology to help with product and industrial design.

You don’t always need a CAD file containing your design, we can work from sketches, drawings, photographs, even verbal descriptions. Downloading accurate information will make it possible to print a product prototype using our 3D printing machine.

Based on an industrial manufacturing process, the machine uses thermoplastics. The computer is loaded with the necessary data and at the end of the process a three-dimensional object is produced. Parts are printed in layers with a resolution of 0.127mm.

More 3D printing applications

The flexibility of 3D print has other benefits for business. This is due to the capability of producing small batches of fixtures and tooling rather than manufacturing on a large scale.

  • Creating a bespoke part for specific projects
  • Making replacement parts as needed, saving time and money
  • Links to prototyping by analysing specific parts and quickly adapting if needed

Being able to print objects in a short period of time makes this an incredibly useful facility. Not just for new products but also if you are looking to re-engineer or repair existing machinery.